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Ahhhh weddings...

Where to begin to talk about designing wedding flowers? How about with the bride and groom!

When I meet with a couple for the first time, we discuss what their overall vision for the wedding will be. Do they want to transform the space? Or simply add a few fresh floral touches to accent what is already a gorgeous venue? This is when the fun starts! I love meeting couples who are excited about their big day. Some know EXACTLY what they want, some have a few ideas and pictures, but need suggestions, I'm open to any and all situations. There is no pressure to do "what we have always done".  Every event is special and all couples are different and have their own style. They become friends to us, and we are still in touch with many couples who have gone on to have beautiful families. Celebrating all of the big events of their lives after their big day is such a pleasure! Here is what a consultation discussion includes:

 Body flowers... What a weird but accurate name for a bride and bridesmaid's bouquet, mother's corsages, the groom and groomsmen's boutonnieres, etc.. It's all about the bodies! We start here in our wedding consultation. Pictures, from our website or pinterest or anywhere the bride can find them are such a great tool to help me see what the bride would love to have in her bouquet. It sets the tone for the entire wedding.

Ceremony flowers... Church or mansion, barn or back yard, where the ceremony will take place may need a little or a lot of "help".  Some venues have an altar with places for the standard two altar pieces, some a garden arch that needs a lush garland, and in some nothing is necessary. It's all about what the couple wants or expects within their budget.

Reception flowers... Now it's time to celebrate! Hotel ballrooms, or cake and punch in the church fellowship hall? Centerpieces, cake flowers, buffet table arrangements may be necessary to carry the theme of the wedding into the space.


After consulting, I mail the couple a printed quote to keep and use as they plan. Once a deposit is placed with us, their date is booked. We only book one event at a time, no overextending here! Our motto on weddings is "One bride and groom at a time".

As the big day approaches, final decisions are made and the flowers are ordered two weeks prior to the event to ensure our wholesalers can find everything required. The week of the wedding, beautiful flowers arrive and are ready to be processed. We may put them in the cooler immediately, or leave them out to drink and open for several days to achieve the look the bride desires.


Now the design process can begin!






Making the body, ceremony and reception flowers is what we are here for! Our attention to detail, floral quality and design experience come together to make every wedding exceptional.


 purple, pink and white bridesmaids bouquets


 purple dendrobium orchid boutonnieres


So there you have it! It is our great honor to work with brides and grooms to bring their vision, on one of the most important days of their lives, to reality.